Saturday, 23 June 2012

Road to Yosemite - 16.6.12

Today I set off through Yosemite National Forest with Mum and Dave. It was a beautiful day and we drove with the top down on the convertable. The scenery was amazing. I seen lots of snow capped mountains, waterfalls, lakes and green , green grass. There were lots of people hiking in the forest and lots of RV's parked in the camp sites. I got to have my photo taken with the lovely park ranger. She was so sweet. We stopped in one spot overlooking a lake and Mum and Dave took the path to some snow that was on the ground. Dave then made a snow ball and threw it at Mum. Luckily it missed.
Well time to go but you all have a nice day and I will be back soon with more of my adventures.

The lovely ranger.

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