Sunday, 24 June 2012

MIA 19.6.12 - 21.6.12

HELP!!! Mum has left me behind. I was so warm and toasty under the rugs that she couldn't see me and now I am waiting to be rescued by someone, so they can send me back to mum.
I am laying here waiting and hoping mum will realise I am missing. Thank goodness a nice lady has handed me in to the front desk and I am hoping that mum or Dave will call soon. They must be missing me by now.
What's that the phone has rung and I can here the lovely Rose saying 'yes we have your bear right here'. Yippee Mum has remembered me!!! I wonder what they will do with me now. I'm sure they can't come back for me, so I guess they will have to send me on to their next destination.
Well I guessed right, I am now being put into a envelope and shut inside and its very dark and I can feel them handing me around. I think I am being put on to a truck and heading for my destination. I'm not sure where that is exactly but I sure do hope I am not in this envelope for too long. Its dark and I am a little scared. I can't wait to see Mum and give her a big hug and say sorry for hiding in the blankets. I sure do hope she is not mad at me.
Well its been a bumpy, windy road and a very long ride. I hope I get there soon. I sure do miss Mum and Dave and I know I won't hide in the covers again.
Wait what's that. I am being handed over again. I have stopped moving but its still dark in here. I can hear strange voices. I am being placed on a shelf. I must have made it to my destination. Now I have to wait for mum to get here.
What's that I hear, its mum's voice...oh boy am I so happy to hear her. I am being moved again. Wait there's the light....MUM...Oh am I so happy to see you. OK mum you can let go now, you are squishing me....I think she missed me and is very glad to see me. I sure am glad to see her.
Now I am safely in her arms and we are heading to our room. Boy am I going to look forward to that sleep.
Well mum was mad with me and now I have detention. I am not allowed to go sightseeing with them. I must stay in the car. I don't mind really as I know that she only does it because she loves me very much.
I must go to bed now and get some rest . Ready to start a new day tomorrow.
I made it safely to Mum and Dave. One happy little Blue Bear!!!

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