Tuesday, 10 July 2012

8.7.12- Graceland/Memphis

Well I have been missing in action the last few days, due to the fact that Dave placed me in the car where mum couldn't see me. I finally made it out from hibernation and I went with mum and Dave to Graceland in Memphis, Tennessee.
We had a great day here and then we went on a paddle boat up the Mississippi River. We finished by walking down the main st of Memphis checking out all the shops and eateries.
I look forward to heading to Nashville in the next few days and I hope we get to see some country stars.
Bye for now
Hangin in Elvis Car outside the Car Museum

Hangin around with Dave on the tour of Graceland

Monday, 2 July 2012

29.6.12-30.6.12 - Road to Dallas

Well I have had a busy couple of days.

I was lucky enough to go to the icecream factory today. I helped mum check out the merchandise and got to taste some of the delicious icecream. Mum had choc mint and Dave had banana split. I got to have a taste of them and they were very nice. The ladies there were really lovely. We didn't get to go on the tour, as they had 70 children coming through and had to cut the tour short. So we are going to go to the tour in Texas when we get there.
We called into this lovely cafe called Rock Cafe, where we met a man called Gerry. He told us about his old cars. He invited us to take a look at them. He had a shed full, with lots of motors, cars and antiques. It was very cool. He also had a storm bunker in his shed. This is where you go if there are tornado's. You can stay in them as they are cemented in the ground. They protect you from the wild weather.
We then headed to see a big soda bottle monument. It was huge. It lights up when its dark. We didn't get to see that though as we were only passing through in the daylight. Mum and Dave stopped here for a bite to eat. They produce over 600 flavours of soda. Its called Pops.
Now we are in Dallas and its time to call it a night.
I look forward to seeing where I will go exploring next.
Checking out the merchandise

I think this lampshade is a great hat!!

Looking at the old cars

Looking in the garden

Checking out the storm bunker with Dave

The massive soda pop.

Friday, 29 June 2012

27.6.12 Platte City - Missouri

Well I have had a little break for a few days as its been really hot, so I have kept cool and out of the sun.
Today we made our way from Kansas to Missouri, stopping at a place called Platte City. We stopped at a diner and had some lunch. I also met a lovely lady in an antique store. She was so happy to have her photo taken with me. I really am having a wonderful time and I am looking forward to meeting more wonderful people.
Until then, I must go and hop into bed. Ready for the next leg of the journey.
The lovely lady from the Antique store

Checking out the antiques

Wonder if Dave will find something in here

Waiting for lunch at the diner

Checking out the menu


Sunday, 24 June 2012

Steamboat Springs - 23.6.12

Today we set off to Steamboat Springs. It was a long drive but we stopped along the way and got food and drink. We stopped in Utah to look at a Classic Car Show. Some of those cars were awesome. Dave liked them a lot.
We arrived in a little place called Steamboat Springs. Its very cute. We are staying at a great little lodge and I got to see the Rodeo that was on. It was fun watching the children try to chase the lamb and get its ribbon off its back. They were so cute. Also got to see the ladies do some barrel racing. Those horses can run really fast. Some of them knocked over the barrels and one of them slipped, but they were OK. Then there was some crazy men that got on the back of some bucking bulls. They sure do have to hold on tight, so they don't get bucked off.
I got to meet the lovely lady on the gate and have my picture taken with her. She thought I was cute :)
Well its now time for me to go to bed, so I will say goodnight and will chat too you all real soon.
With mum on the bridge to the Showgrounds

The lovely lady who posed for a pic with me.


22.6.12 Salt Lake City

Today I had to stay in the car while Mum and Dave went to look in some stores. So I really didn't do much today. I just sat in the car and listened to the music and enjoyed the sunshine. Mum and Dave had the top down on the convertable. It was beautiful. Such a nice way to spend the day. At least I can't go missing if I stay in the car. We are off to the Drive In Tonight. That should be fun, as I have never been before. But I will have to go to sleep early, as the movies are on late.
I am looking forward to tomorrow when we are back on the road again.
Mum and Dave enjoying the Drive In.

MIA 19.6.12 - 21.6.12

HELP!!! Mum has left me behind. I was so warm and toasty under the rugs that she couldn't see me and now I am waiting to be rescued by someone, so they can send me back to mum.
I am laying here waiting and hoping mum will realise I am missing. Thank goodness a nice lady has handed me in to the front desk and I am hoping that mum or Dave will call soon. They must be missing me by now.
What's that the phone has rung and I can here the lovely Rose saying 'yes we have your bear right here'. Yippee Mum has remembered me!!! I wonder what they will do with me now. I'm sure they can't come back for me, so I guess they will have to send me on to their next destination.
Well I guessed right, I am now being put into a envelope and shut inside and its very dark and I can feel them handing me around. I think I am being put on to a truck and heading for my destination. I'm not sure where that is exactly but I sure do hope I am not in this envelope for too long. Its dark and I am a little scared. I can't wait to see Mum and give her a big hug and say sorry for hiding in the blankets. I sure do hope she is not mad at me.
Well its been a bumpy, windy road and a very long ride. I hope I get there soon. I sure do miss Mum and Dave and I know I won't hide in the covers again.
Wait what's that. I am being handed over again. I have stopped moving but its still dark in here. I can hear strange voices. I am being placed on a shelf. I must have made it to my destination. Now I have to wait for mum to get here.
What's that I hear, its mum's voice...oh boy am I so happy to hear her. I am being moved again. Wait there's the light....MUM...Oh am I so happy to see you. OK mum you can let go now, you are squishing me....I think she missed me and is very glad to see me. I sure am glad to see her.
Now I am safely in her arms and we are heading to our room. Boy am I going to look forward to that sleep.
Well mum was mad with me and now I have detention. I am not allowed to go sightseeing with them. I must stay in the car. I don't mind really as I know that she only does it because she loves me very much.
I must go to bed now and get some rest . Ready to start a new day tomorrow.
I made it safely to Mum and Dave. One happy little Blue Bear!!!

Saturday, 23 June 2012

San Francisco - 17.6.12

Today I spent the day on the bus looking at the sites of San Francisco. I had an awesome day. It was a little chilly today compared to the previous few days, so Mum and Dave had to find jumpers.
I was really looking forward to seeing the Golden Gate Bridge today, but it was really foggy and made it so hard to see. When we were heading towards the Bridge, it started to get really chilly. Mum had to wrap me in her jumper so I wouldn't get cold and I think to keep her warm as well. It was so cold though that I had to keep my head down and wait until we got to the other side before I could see it. Once we came out the other side of the Bridge though, the sun was shining and it was really warm. The weather here is so bizzare. But I'm so glad the sun was shining as the Bridge was a sight to see. We stopped here for a quick break and then jumped back on the other bus to take us back to Fisherman's Wharf. Boy was that ride really cold. Worse than going over. I had to hide behind the seat and snuggle into Mum, as she snuggled into Dave....it was like we had hit the Artic winds...the penquins would of loved it!!
After we made it back to our stop, we walked to the Hard Rock Cafe for a bite to eat. I had to thaw out and it was nice and warm in there. I meet a lovely waitress who was kind enough to take a photo with me and then with Mum.
Waiting on the bus.

The bridge was behind me, but you couldn't see it :(

Our lovely server.

I am now totally exhausted and ready for bed. So I say bye for now and will see you all soon.

Road to Yosemite - 16.6.12

Today I set off through Yosemite National Forest with Mum and Dave. It was a beautiful day and we drove with the top down on the convertable. The scenery was amazing. I seen lots of snow capped mountains, waterfalls, lakes and green , green grass. There were lots of people hiking in the forest and lots of RV's parked in the camp sites. I got to have my photo taken with the lovely park ranger. She was so sweet. We stopped in one spot overlooking a lake and Mum and Dave took the path to some snow that was on the ground. Dave then made a snow ball and threw it at Mum. Luckily it missed.
Well time to go but you all have a nice day and I will be back soon with more of my adventures.

The lovely ranger.

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Road to Big Pine- 15.6.12

Today we set off from Vegas on our way to Bishop. It was a really big drive and very hot. I spent most of the day just hanging around in the back of the car, as we didn't visit many places along the way. I was able to catch up on some sleep.

Unfortunately Mum forgot to take me to the bathroom and I had a little accident, but she cleaned me up and then put me to bed.

Friday, 15 June 2012

Las Vegas 9.6.12 - 15.6.12

Well tomorrow I head off on my road trip..I haven't been able to go out in Vegas coz you have to be 21 to be in the casino and mum says that a little Blue Bear like me should not be out on the main street, because there is some unsavoury characters out there...but I'm sure I'll be out and about very soon.
Mum and Dave have had a great time and they are looking forward to heading off too. I missed the Grand Canyon but mum said that I would of been very scared, as it was a long way down if I looked over the edge too far. So mum let me stay at the hotel and watch some movies.
Well I'm off to bed now, as we have a big day of travel tomorrow. See you all soon.

Arrival at Las Vegas


Saturday, 9 June 2012

7.6.12 - 8.6.12 - Disneyland Parks

I have spent the last two days having a blast at Disneyland. I have been on lots of rides and eaten lots of food and drank lots of coke. Mum and Dave had me sailing on a boat, riding on the  carousel, spinning around in a ladybug, watching shows in 3D and looking over the whole of Disneyland in the biggest Ferris wheel I have ever seen. I am so worn out from all the walking aroung the park....its so big. Last night I got to see a wonderful show with Mickey and crew , with lights, boats, dragons, witches and fireworks. It was simply amazing. I am now going to go off to bed, as I am very tired and I look forward to sharing more of my adventures with you all very soon.



Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Wax Museum 5.6.12

Hanging with Mr Clooney

Today was a trip to Madame Tausades. I got to see many famous celebs. They just weren't in the flesh. They were made of wax. Some of them looked very much like the celebrity. I had my photo taken with some of them. When I had finished doing the wax museum tour , we ventured off to do the Universal Walk. I got to see where they make some great movies but I also got to  see the famous spinning world. Well its been a long day and I must get some sleep. Will update again soon.

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Hanging around 4.6.12


Hanging in the pipes                                                                                                                                                                                                    

            Driving in the bus

Hollywood Tour

Wow what a day today I had. I am now tucked up in bed for a well deserved rest.

I have been shoved in all kinds of places for photo op's and had tea at the Hard Rock Cafe. Rode the Hop On , Hop Off tour bus and taken my photo with a police car.

I enjoyed looking at all the sights and sounds of Hollywood and Beverly Hills. One day I hope to catch a few celeb's. but no such luck today.

Well its getting very late and we have another big day tomorrow.

Bus ride

Monday, 4 June 2012

Ventura Flea Market

Today I went for a drive to Ventura Showgrounds to check out the flea market.

Mum belted me in the back seat, so I would be safe and then we headed down the 101 freeway to find the Ventura Flea Market.

We had so much fun exploring the many market stalls finding old oil cans and license plates for friends in Australia. Then I stopped for a bite to eat and a refreshment.

Then I went to Walmart ....what a great time I had riding in the trolley and then at the checkout I rode along with shopping.
Now its time to sign off, as I have had such a big day and its time to go to bed, ready for the next adventure. I wonder where I will end up tomorrow.

Having a bite to eat.

Jet Lag

Wow what a day . That flight was so long that today I just had to chill in the room and catch up on sleep , while Mum and DAve went out to visit the Santa MOnica Pier. I am really looking forward to go out tomorrow though to journey some more along the open highways of America.

Saturday, 2 June 2012

1.6.12 - LA Arrival

Well I made it...I am here..I had a great flight. Slept all the way in my suitcase.

Mum had a hard time sleeping though. Was a bit of a bumpy ride in places. She watched a couple of movies. Listened to some tunes and tried to catch some zzzzzz's. Dave was making the most of being able to sleep that long without being told to get out of bed...

I am now off to check out where I will be staying for the next week in LA. Time to hail a taxi and not freak out about them driving on the wrong side of the road..

Checking out  the welcome sign at the airport

1.6.12 - Stop Over

I have landed in Brisbane and we have to make a dash for the baggage and then find the connecting bus to international airport as our flight was late leaving Perth.
So now I am just chilling at the gate waiting for our flight out to LA. I certainly am not looking forward to that one. 12+ hours in a cramped space with no where to stretch my legs.
So I am going to enjoy this little break and will see you all on the other side, where I will do it all over again...hehehehe as it will be the 1st of June again.
That's my plane out there. 

On My way to LA


Well I have packed and I am off to the airport with Mum and the family, to head off to LA.

I have to travel to Perth to catch a flight to Brisbane and then we will board a flight to Los Angeles. I am super excited.

I am now at the airport and I am stopping for a little break, as the flight has been delayed by 1 hour and mum is not happy. It's also time to say goodbye to Blayde and Crystal. Lucky mum has me to remind her of Blayde while she is away from him. I will look after her and Dave and make sure they take me lots of places to so that I can tell Blayde all about my adventures.

Thursday, 31 May 2012


Hi All

My name is Blue Bear . I was made 19 years ago by Blayde's grandma for his sister and I became an instant member of this beautiful family.

I am now Blayde's Bear and he has asked me to travel with his mum on a very special adventure. I am about to embark on a road trip through the USA with her.
I have spent the day just hanging out with her and preparing the suitcases for our very exciting holiday. I will be travelling to some amazing places and will be updating Blayde daily on what I have been up to and taking some snap shots as well.

I hope you can all join me on this wonderful journey and look forward to boarding that plane. I'm so excited!!!!