Saturday, 9 June 2012

7.6.12 - 8.6.12 - Disneyland Parks

I have spent the last two days having a blast at Disneyland. I have been on lots of rides and eaten lots of food and drank lots of coke. Mum and Dave had me sailing on a boat, riding on the  carousel, spinning around in a ladybug, watching shows in 3D and looking over the whole of Disneyland in the biggest Ferris wheel I have ever seen. I am so worn out from all the walking aroung the park....its so big. Last night I got to see a wonderful show with Mickey and crew , with lights, boats, dragons, witches and fireworks. It was simply amazing. I am now going to go off to bed, as I am very tired and I look forward to sharing more of my adventures with you all very soon.



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  1. Hi Blue Bear

    You look like you are having a wonderful time in America. I bet Blayde is enjoying reading all about your adventures.