Sunday, 2 February 2014

Pack Your Bags Travel Case

I had to take pictures of this project that my daughter just completed recently.
She wanted something to give her best friend for her 21st Birthday. Something she would remember forever.
  She organised a surprise holiday to Bali, but didn't quite know how to present her with it until she came across this little case.
She created this beautiful travel case, all the while trying to keep it a secret from her friend.

She used an old luggage tag and copied it onto some card stock and created her own. The numbers relate to her friend's birthday and the date they are leaving.

This was the inside of the case. She placed items relevant to their holiday.

She placed the travel itinerary inside , along with a handwritten letter and some Bali coins.

This plane embellishment was hung from the lid with the Airline they are flying with written on the side.

She wrapped up some Bali brochures of the places she has booked for them to go. Swimming with the dolphins is on the agenda.

These are some more embellishments she placed inside the top of the case.

I love that she decorated the whole case from front to back and inside. She did a wonderful job and her friend was overwhelmed and lost for words upon presentation of such a beautiful gift.
There is nothing like the true value of friendship.

Designed by Crystal Watts

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