Friday, 2 January 2015

Tropicana Island Bali - Kuta Beach Photo Shoot


This is the 2nd double layout I completed using the Tropicana Kaisercraft Papers 
This was again inspired by Debbie Hodge #50 Sketch Map

To complete this layout you will need


12' Trimmer
Double Sided Tape/Tape Runner
Helmar 450/Glossy Accents or similar
Sewing Machine
Big Shot/Cuttlebug or similar
Pinecone Ink 
Sanding Block (Photo's)
2 x Sage Bazill ( Keep the Bar code strips for previous layout)
2x Palm Tree strips 4.75'' x 12''
1 x Breeze sheet - Hibiscus Flower  
2 x Stone Bazill strips 4'' x 12''
Photo Mats

Palm Tree  - 1 x 5.75'' x 4''
                  - 1 x 4'' x 6.25''
Stone Bazill - 1 x 3.5'' x 5.75''                                     
                     - 1 x 5'' x 3.25'' 

Photo Sizes

3 x 3.75'' x 3.5'' - Landscape
2 x 3.5'' x 3.75'' - Portrait
1 x 4.75'' x 3'' - Landscape
1 x 4.25'' x 3.25'' - Landscape
1 x 3.25'' x 5.5'' - Portrait

Please note I have adjusted the photo sizes to suit the photo mats.

Photo courtesy of Sharon Giles
Mini Alphabet Tiles DA 1109 - Dusty Attic
MFT Die - Sea Charms
Twine - Dark Brown
Pebbles #6 DA1111 - Dusty Attic
Jute Ribbon - Cream

To Assemble
 Take the Sage Bazill and Ink edges of page in Pinecone and sew (optional) around edges of each page using brown thread
Ink and sew (optional) edges of Palm Tree Strips and the Stone Bazill Strips
Ink and sew (optional) edges of the Palm Tree and Stone Bazill Photo Mats
Sand edges of photo's with Sanding Block (optional)
I sand the edges of all my photo's as I like the look and find that it helps lift the images when they are attached to photo mats. 
This is just a personal preference. 

                                                                                        Left Page 

Take the Palm Tree 4.75' x 12' strip and place vertically approx 1' from right hand side of page 
Take the Stone 4' x 12' strip and attach to the Palm Tree strip
Take the Palm Tree 6.25' x 4' photo mat and place on the left hand side of page approx 1' from edge
Attach photo to the Stone photo mat and wrap twine around bottom of photo mat and attach a charm
 (Cut from MFT Die - Sea Charms *previous layout)

Attach the Stone 3.5' x 5.75' photo mat to the Palm Tree photo mat
Attach photo to the 6''x 4'' Palm Tree photo map and wrap Jute ribbon and twine around photo mat and attach a charm

Fussy cut the Hibiscus from the Breeze paper using scissors
Place the larger Hibiscus flowers to the bottom left hand corner of the page and using Helmar 450 or similar glue in place 
( I have then used glossy accents to cover flowers and set aside to dry , leaving a glossy finish.)
Use mini word tiles for title ( can ink with Pinecone if desired)

                  Right Page
Take the Palm Tree Strip 4.75'' x 12'' and place across the bottom of page approx 1'' from bottom edge
Attach photo's to Stone Bazill Strip and wrap twine around strip and attach a charm
Adhere to the Palm Tree Strip

Using the 6'' x 4'' Palm Tree Photo Mat place in the top left hand corner of page leaving approx 1.5'' from top edge and approx .25'' from left hand edge and approx .25'' from the top of the Palm Tree Strip. Attach photo.

Place the 4.25'' x 3.25'' photo to the right hand side of page above the Palm Tree Strip and approx .25'' from the right hand edge. Butt up to the Palm Tree 6'' x 4'' photo mat.

Use the mini tile words for title (ink with pinecone if desired)

Use the #6 pebbles to embellish top of page (these are left over from previous layout) . Ink if desired.

Attach the small hibiscus flower with helmar 450 or similar and using glossy accent cover flower and set aside to dry.

The photo's I have used in this layout are from a professional photo shoot we had taken by Ari from Legends Bar in Gaelic Lane. 
They were taken in the foyer and by the poolside of the Akmani Hotel 
The sunset photo's were taken on Kuta/Legian Beach near Mozzarella's Restaurant.
It was simply stunning

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