Tuesday, 10 July 2012

8.7.12- Graceland/Memphis

Well I have been missing in action the last few days, due to the fact that Dave placed me in the car where mum couldn't see me. I finally made it out from hibernation and I went with mum and Dave to Graceland in Memphis, Tennessee.
We had a great day here and then we went on a paddle boat up the Mississippi River. We finished by walking down the main st of Memphis checking out all the shops and eateries.
I look forward to heading to Nashville in the next few days and I hope we get to see some country stars.
Bye for now
Hangin in Elvis Car outside the Car Museum

Hangin around with Dave on the tour of Graceland

Monday, 2 July 2012

29.6.12-30.6.12 - Road to Dallas

Well I have had a busy couple of days.

I was lucky enough to go to the icecream factory today. I helped mum check out the merchandise and got to taste some of the delicious icecream. Mum had choc mint and Dave had banana split. I got to have a taste of them and they were very nice. The ladies there were really lovely. We didn't get to go on the tour, as they had 70 children coming through and had to cut the tour short. So we are going to go to the tour in Texas when we get there.
We called into this lovely cafe called Rock Cafe, where we met a man called Gerry. He told us about his old cars. He invited us to take a look at them. He had a shed full, with lots of motors, cars and antiques. It was very cool. He also had a storm bunker in his shed. This is where you go if there are tornado's. You can stay in them as they are cemented in the ground. They protect you from the wild weather.
We then headed to see a big soda bottle monument. It was huge. It lights up when its dark. We didn't get to see that though as we were only passing through in the daylight. Mum and Dave stopped here for a bite to eat. They produce over 600 flavours of soda. Its called Pops.
Now we are in Dallas and its time to call it a night.
I look forward to seeing where I will go exploring next.
Checking out the merchandise

I think this lampshade is a great hat!!

Looking at the old cars

Looking in the garden

Checking out the storm bunker with Dave

The massive soda pop.