Sunday, 24 June 2012

Steamboat Springs - 23.6.12

Today we set off to Steamboat Springs. It was a long drive but we stopped along the way and got food and drink. We stopped in Utah to look at a Classic Car Show. Some of those cars were awesome. Dave liked them a lot.
We arrived in a little place called Steamboat Springs. Its very cute. We are staying at a great little lodge and I got to see the Rodeo that was on. It was fun watching the children try to chase the lamb and get its ribbon off its back. They were so cute. Also got to see the ladies do some barrel racing. Those horses can run really fast. Some of them knocked over the barrels and one of them slipped, but they were OK. Then there was some crazy men that got on the back of some bucking bulls. They sure do have to hold on tight, so they don't get bucked off.
I got to meet the lovely lady on the gate and have my picture taken with her. She thought I was cute :)
Well its now time for me to go to bed, so I will say goodnight and will chat too you all real soon.
With mum on the bridge to the Showgrounds

The lovely lady who posed for a pic with me.


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